Saturday, December 09, 2006

Teaching An Old Dog New Tricks

Well, he's not that old. A bit over two years, is all.

And frankly, it's not really about tricks. It's not sitting, nor rolling over that is the issue here.

Paulie does not like the snow. At all. Sometimes he flat out refuses to venture forth. Sometimes he goes, but then refuses to perform any of his assigned tasks. This dog should really live in Florida.

And then there's the sleeping. Mine, that is. This morning he started whining and yipping at 6:51am. I finally gave up around 8am and got up. This particularly sucks on account of how busy I am right now and how much I really need my beauty sleep.

The nighttime behavior has improved in the months since we've had him, but what are we going to do when there's 2 feet of snow outside instead of 4 inches?


BerryBird said...

Does it help if you shovel paths for him? Dad used to do that for Gizmo when the snow got really deep.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...


Waht about the road?

Whatabout a soundproof kennel? (LOL!)