Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Boring Bullets

I've been boring myself with this blog of late, so I can only imagine how you all feel. That said, bullets are about all I can come up with today:

  • D has finished his portion of the bathroom. Now I get to prime and paint the walls, ceiling, and brand new trim. Then I can buy a new medecine cabinet to cover the gaping, dust-filled hole into the insulation.

  • Paulie does not like the snow. In the last 15 hours he has peed and pooed on the brand new carpet. Can you see the steam coming out of my ears?

  • It took me 45 minutes to get to work this morning. That does not count the time it took me to clean off the car. Apparently, winter has decided to make an appearance. Why again did I move 10 minutes farther away from work (on a good day)?

  • I've been having cinnamon toast for breakfast of late (soft-sided Italian with cinnamon and sugar sprinkled liberally over the melted butter), but it doesn't "stick to my ribs" and keep me full for more than a couple hours. So last night at Weggies, I picked up a loaf of their Marathon Energy Bread. It has sunflower, sesame, and flax seeds among other crunchy bits. The thing that threw me was what appeared to be little hunks of carrots. It's not that I mind necessarily, but it seems like that would be something they should warn you about on the label, no?

  • I know I shouldn't own up to this but I am so desperate to have the cable hooked up. If, for some reason, this snow prevents the cable guy from showing up tonight, I will be very upset. And it's not just the Internets I miss. Three nights without Law & Order was more than enough.

  • I did my first load of laundry at the new house last night. A washer! And dryer! Oh my!

  • Oh yeah. Guess where all my boots are? And the snowblower? Yup, that's right. The old house. Perfect. And we are supposed to get another five to ten inches today.

    Sara said...

    Paulie is a kennel creature, no? What happens if you manually remove him from the kennel and carry him outside, without letting him touch the floor? Will he not do his business outdoors so as to earn entry back into the warm dry house? And baby gates won't trap him in the kitchen because he'll just jump over them?

    You can always stop on the way home and pick up your boots. The snowblower is gonna be a tricky one though.

    a/k/a Nadine said...

    The problem is not getting him outside. The problem is what happens when we come back in. I dragged him around outside for 10 minutes this morning while he refuse to do anything besides shiver. Promptly after returning to the indoors, he shat on the carpet. (It wasn't as bad as it sounds, I tossed him in the bathroom mid-poo, so only one nugget landed on the carpet. The pee last night was much worse.)

    BerryBird said...

    I think this weekend you should bundle up good and keep him out until he does his business. Totally not practical for a work day, I know, but damn. That would just slay me. He is small enough to fit in the litter box. Maybe you could train him to use that?

    Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

    Aieee! BRAND BEW! Aieee!

    Life has a way of happening to you. Dents in a new car, shit and piss on a new carpet in a new house.

    So sorry!