Sunday, January 21, 2007

When the going gets cold

Every winter I find myself thinking of warmer days, usually of the years I lived in Florida.

I love the heat. I would take hot and sweaty, wearing as little as possible over painfully cold and bundled in layers any day. I live in perpetual fear of the electric bill, and it is not always convenient to be buried beneath a goose down comforter. Cooking and showering, for instance, are not well-executed while so arranged.

I abhor winter with every cell in my body. I simply can not find one single redeeming characteristic.

So I will present warmer memories instead, both taken during a visit from my mom in May of 2000.

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This one taken by Mom during our visit to St. Augustine, one of my favorite Florida places.

Maybe next time I'm feeling unbearably cold I'll pull out some pictures from my trips to Key West. Or New Orleans in August. Those sure were some hot times.

Hope you're warm and cozy where ever you are. Or that you like this blasted thing called winter.


BerryBird said...

It sounds like you get cold-induced rather than light induced seasonal affective disorder. I can't sympathize too too much because I hate sweating more than I hate layering. My hell is hot; yours is freezing cold.

I do like the photo strategy, please carry on with that.

Repressed Librarian said...

"I abhor winter with every cell in my body. I simply can not find one single redeeming characteristic."

I agree with you completely! And yet I, too, live in a climate that gets very cold and snowy this time of year.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Oh! St Augustine is so beatiful! I love it there! FUn warm pix for a cold day.

I hate being HOT and I dislike being too cold. I dislike winter becase I am fearful of bad driving conditions and scary and dangerous accidents. I miss green and flowers, but still, I think if I HAD to choose between too hot and too cold I'd--gasp--go with cold. BUT--how about comfortable?