Sunday, October 28, 2007

Little Bits of Sunday

  • I got the Halloween candy. I've only eaten one piece so far. I hope there's some left by Wednesday.
  • I need to go bring in the plants. It may frost for the first time tonight.
  • I closed all of the storm windows except one that wouldn't budge.
  • I vacuumed some of the house because the little yellow honey locust leaves are everywhere. And I mean everywhere.
  • I took the broken storm window and ripped screen to the hardware store to be repaired. I managed not to buy anything while I was there, but I did spy a coat rack that would be perfect in my newly finished entryway coming in from the garage.
  • I went to visit my stepmom afterwards as there were rumors of gifts (tea and local honey).
  • I raided her liquor cabinet and took the dregs of three bottles (at least two of which had been mine originally). Now I just have to figure out what kind of drinks I can make with them.
  • She let me sample a delicious raspberry brandy wine. I may have to get me some of that.
  • We had a very nice visit until I was leaving and the subject of Thanksgiving came up. Lordy, that surely can spoil the whole afternoon.
  • Maybe another piece of Halloween candy will help.


BerryBird said...

I haven't eaten a single piece of Halloween candy yet! Do I get a medal? [I don't really deserve it, because SodaBoy had bought me a bouquet of Tootsie pops, so I was still getting my sweet on.]

a/k/a Nadine said...

Yick on the Tootsie Pops. I just ate two more pieces- S'mores. Yummy!

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

They had candy at the poetry class last night and set it right in front of me and I kept snitching some until I finally shoved it way down to the other end of the table. DANG! :-(

Congrats on all the stuff you accomplished! :-D

I couldn't read the first word verification they gave me! OR the second.