Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Just Write {4}: Pre-Game Warm-Ups

We just devoured a frying pan full of fried bananas that my husband made. We'd had them recently at a relatively new-to-the-area restaurant and both enjoyed them immensely. My husband found a recipe from the restaurant online, and while the result was delicious, it was nothing like what we were served. He has already come up with alternative methods to try on his next attempt. Hopefully, the butter, sugar, and the cinnamon don't negate the nutritional value of the banana. Ha.

I'm finally feeling better! Almost human. I remain slightly more congested than normal and with slightly swollen glands. My energy levels are still sub-par, but still, I feel fabulous compared to where I've been in the last week and a half. Just in time too, as I was not looking forward to being the sick person at Thanksgiving dinner with my husband's family.

The basketball game starts shortly. We missed the exhibitions and some early games because they weren't broadcasted. Something about the move to the ACC. Now I feel a little lost. I use the early games to learn the new players and get back into the swing of basketball season. I need to know the players in order to care about how the team plays. I'm still not thrilled about leaving the Big East. Change is hard, yo.

I am so looking forward to having a four day weekend. I am semi-regretting not having taken tomorrow off as well. It seems like many people did. Twitter and facebook are full of people bragging about their five day weekends. I am jealous. What would be super awesome is if this storm resulted in a snow day tomorrow. It'll never happen, but a girl can dream, right? I don't wish extra-complicated or dangerous travel on anyone, but I just would like to be able to stay at home. Fuzzy blankets, hot tea, couch time. Doesn't that sound better than spending the day sitting at a desk in a stuffy office?

OK, game time. Let's do this.

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This is my fourth installment of Just Write, "an exercise in free writing your ordinary and extraordinary moments." You can read about this project at The Extraordinary Ordinary. If you decide to participate, you can link up on Heather's post from yesterday. You can read my first three installments here, here, and here.

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Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

I like friend bananas, I even like them without anything added. Frying them makes them taste sweet to anyhow.

I used to enjoy college basketball, many years ago, but I'm so out of touch now I didn't even know they left the big East. And I have no idea who's playing.

Still, I hope you enjoyt he game. And enjoy yr thanksgiving. AND heal from your cold or flu or whatever it is. I still haven't gotten a flu shot.