Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Snack Break Bullets

  • This blueberry muffin from the vending machine doesn't taste good enough to have cost me $1.00. And I can practically taste the bad things in it, even if there's no trans fat (apparently the newest public enemy number 1).

  • We are having "crunch time" at work where we are all supposed to be busting our humps on one specific thing, setting aside the work that we all normally do. Fun times. Hours for the next week only have been extended to 48.

  • I was depressed to see yet another sign for a coming soon housing development. Whee! More McMansions! Fantastic. Who the hell can afford them? And why are they living here, where the economy sucks ass? That makes two of these future developments along my route to work. My route that has continually lost farm fields and woodlands in the 25 plus years we've been travelling it regularly. There was some talk of protecting the farmlands along part of it, but so far I can't say that I'm impressed with the results. Maybe it hasn't taken effect yet, in which case, they better get hopping or there won't be any corn or soybeans to preserve.

  • Damn, my muffin is gone. Does that mean I have to get back to work now?

    Coffeypot said...

    Nah! It's crunch time. Go get another muffin and crunch down on it. Work will always be there, but a good muffin...?

    Nicole said...

    Nah, go get something with trans fat in it. It's so tasty!

    I always wonder what it is that people are doing to be able to afford these new track mansions. I can't imagine any job in this town paying out enough money. Perplexing.

    Unknown said...

    I miss having a vending machine where I can get snickers when I want one!

    And we had a lot of sprawl around where I went to high school too. It's so sad to see the trees (or in your case the fields) go.

    BerryBird said...

    I always wonder about that, too. The McMansions that is. Can there really be that many doctors and lawyers? Because, yeah... who else can afford that shit?

    Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

    I was wondering that too--where do all those rich people work and what do they do all day?

    UGH, if the muffin wasn't good to begin with, who'd want another--make some homemade ones--or make Mark do it--they're easy and tasty. YUM.

    I suppose anything to avoid a work crunch--I used to go sit in the bathroom when I was burnt out on crunching, cheaper and less calories. But smelly soemtimes.