Monday, April 30, 2007

Best Laid Plans

So remember the window? I could see the bright sun all day long. And all day long I thought about my lawn which has somehow gotten excessively long already. I left work at a reasonable time (possibly early for my new management position?) and eventually made it through what was fairly bad traffic for the area. I quickly changed my clothes and rigged up three extension cords.

I overcame the embarrassment of using an electric mower and plunged into the task. The closest neighbors thankfully didn't point and laugh, but I did see some heads turn in cars that drove by. Up and down next to the driveway I went, getting the feel for it again; cord in one hand, kick with the foot.

After a handful of passes, the mower faded off. Usually this mean a plug has come lose somewhere. I checked, but all four plugs were still secure. I tried again. No. I crawled up and over the ancient tractor and reset the outlet. Nothing. I climbed up and over the tractor again and checked the circuit breakers. Bingo. I flipped the circuit breaker and tried to resume mowing. I'm sure by this point you can guess what happened next. That's right. It blew again. I tried two other outlets even though I know the one in the garage is on it's own breaker, whereas they share with other large items. I tried removing one of the cords in case it is guilty of some invisible sin. Nothing, nothing, nothing.

And don't forget, each and every time I had to crawl back over the rusty, yellow tractor. I eventually gave up and came inside dirty and disgruntled. It won't be long before the grass becomes so long that mowing it will be a challenge even with the best of mowers.

Now I was under the impression that those little tiny electric flip mowers draw very little power. So WTF?

Oh yeah, when I came back inside, I discovered the little dog had shat on the carpet. Perfect.

I did assemble the rest of my new solar lights though. I put nine out last night and plan on putting the other five out as soon as it gets dark tonight. So I suppose all is not lost.


BerryBird said...

Oh, dear. I feel a bit guilty reading this. Do you have no functional mower now because you gave us your other one? Or did you have the same issues starting it that I do?

a/k/a Nadine said...

No guilt required, my dear. I couldn't start that mower. Or the gas one we had before it. Or the one in my garage right now. Which is why I really do prefer to use the electric mower.

Unknown said...

You should get one with no engine, gas, or extension cords required. I really want one that's just the blades and me. We have a small yard, but I've gotten over ruled. Good luck...I hope you get your yard mowed soon!

Nicole said...

Why is it that the dog's find the most inopportune time to take a dump on the rug? Well, I guess there really is no opportune time after all. And, I think grass looks lovely long, gives the yard character.:)

Jenny F. Scientist said...

Yaargh. Seriously, your bad mower karma cries out for a mechanical one!

Yaargh on the FF too, if he deserves it.

Savvi said...

My husband mowed our yard back in grad school with a push mower for four years... he called it good exercise.

When I had to take over because he was too busy with the writing and defending and teaching stuff.... we got a gas mower ;)
But he was *very* fond of his push mower...