Sunday, April 08, 2007

White Easter

We did not have a white Christmas, but we are surely having a white Easter. It is pretty, but I'd rather be seeing my daffy-down-dillies in full bloom.

I used to love Easter as a child. The sacred chocolates and candies that were normally not allowed. The Magic of the Easter Bunny. The excitement of springtime. I was always a little sad, though, that we didn't get a new Easter dress every year like the other little girls in my class. We had some favorite Easter story books that we'd devour every year.

Now it seems like a holiday that is missing the most important part- the children. It would be so much more fun with little people to read the books to and little faces to see light up at the wonderful treats the Easter Bunny has brought.
I never dreamed that I'd be almost thirty-one years old and no closer to having kids than I was at eighteen. I certainly didn't plan to wait this long.


BerryBird said...

I feel that way about Christmas, too. It's really for the kiddies, us old folks are boring.

Casey said...


Nicole said...

I hear you on that one. Never thought I would be 32 without children. Sigh.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

The beginning of this post is funny--I laughed out loud, but the end is sad, whan!

This wasn't a very fun easter this year for sure. Kids do make holiday more fun, even for the grownups. Little kids are usually more fun than blase big kids. (Like 13-year-olds who think they are way cool). Mine however did enjoy his easter candy. And looking for it hid around the hotel room.