Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Forced Fun

The forced fun is in full swing at work. We had our big party yesterday afternoon. I don't mind that one too much. There are a wide variety of hors d'oeurves and an open bar. Who can complain about that? I stuff myself silly every year, and there are so many people I can just melt into the crowd.

Tomorrow we're having our own little office party. That's the one I don't care for. We always do pot lucks and the only food that gets brought in is chips and veggie platters and tons of cookies. But no real food. And the $5 gift exchange games are all so tedious. I think I'll try to slip out the back door and retreat to my desk. Maybe I'll actually be able to get some work done if everyone else is preoccupied.

And yet I still can't believe Christmas is only a few days away. I better do the rest of my shopping soon.


Electronic Goose said...

I'm still laughing ... such a true post. There is still a ridiculous amount of chocolate sitting on the reception desk. And whenever people start gathering around it, I know to quickly turn to whatever task requires the most amount of my concentration -- when they're "preoccupied," as you say, that's when I can finish my work!

Andy said...

Chips, veggie platters, and cookies? Are all of your coworkers bachelors in their mid-20s? Because everytime we have a pot luck at work, I always bring in chips and cookies, and always get made fun of by my older co-workers.

BerryBird said...

We had two holiday office parties, one off site and very la-di-da, the other a potluck. I one-upped y'all on the lameness scale and brought four big jugs of soda. It worked out OK, though, as it was the only beverage on the premises.

Nicole said...

Screw the shopping, go home and make something good to eat. Better yet, go out to eat.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

I hate office parties--if no one likes them, why do we have to HAVE them?\\

I used to always sneak off and work too, with a big platter of food at my side.