Monday, December 10, 2007


I've submitted all papers (all three of the last before their actual due dates).

I've just burned my portfolio onto a disc.

That leaves studying for the stupid cumulative essay-format final exam. Oh what fun! I am supposed to present two of the topics from our study guide list to my study group tomorrow. Naturally, I haven't prepared anything yet, nor am I sure what one of the topics even means (not a good sign).

And really, all I want to do is decorate the tree I bought last night. It was an atypical selection on my part. I am notorious within the family for choosing Christmas trees that are more bush than tree (wider than they are tall). This one is very narrow.

Maybe if I zip through my study prep I can do a little tree trimming...


Coffeypot said...

Good luck and have fun,

DancingFish said...

Way to go early-turner-inner! That sounds like it deserves a few minutes of tree-related celebration!

BerryBird said...

Yay! You got a tree! Even when not yet trimmed, the smell is delightful. We just put lights on ours so far.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Congratulations on getting your papers done and in--and KUDOS for getting them in early. YAY!

Seems like a little tree-trimming is in order.

When my kids were younger, they wanted to put the tree up right after thanksgiving, so we bought an artificial tree--which is now up and trimmed. BUT--WAHN--it doesn't smell as good as a real one.

Electronic Goose said...

Yea for paper finishing! What a relief that must be.