Sunday, December 02, 2007

Game #1

Last night I went to a Hometown University basketball game with my parents. It is something I usually do at least a couple times each year. I live close enough to them that I go over to their house so I can ride into the city with them. That gives us a chance to visit during the car ride because our seats are not in the same section. We also do a little visiting on the walk to the sports arena. Last night was a challenge to conversing, as it was hovering just below 20 degrees on the hill. That's a bit chilly for the first day in December. Walk fast, y'all! It was 13 degrees when I got back to my house.

The game itself was fine, nothing terribly exciting other than the slew of technical fouls that got tossed around. At least HU won.


Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Nice to have a chance to viist, sorry about the cold, glad HU won! Good old HU!

Nicole said...

Yeah, HU. They're one of the few college teams I root for. Glad you had time to visit with the family. And yes, it was surprisingly cold for December 1. We now have 5 inches outside this morning. Sheesh.

BerryBird said...

I know you missed some of the earlier games what with all those pesky classes of yours, but the referees have been throwing the technicals around like this all season. Some new code of conduct crap. Let 'em play!

I love the student chant of response though.

Andy said...

Uh, doesn't everyone cheer for Hometown U? Or at least Local Liberal Arts College?