Friday, July 10, 2009


I made an appointment to give blood this afternoon before I knew that today would be our only day of summer weather. I made sure to get outside for a hike yesterday because I'm often too weak after donating to do much at all. The donation experience was pretty wretched. It took almost two hours, most of which was waiting for open beds. The staff just stood around doing nothing. Why didn't they bring more beds? Apparently they also had different bags than I've ever encountered, which drain twice as slowly as the regular bags. So even after I finally got the needle in my arm, I was still there longer than I should've been. I try to donate blood regularly because I know it's important, but they don't make it easy for donors. They call me almost daily, even on holidays and Sundays, at any hour of the day. And then the blood mobiles often appear to be the most disorganized events imaginable. It does not make me anxious to sit through that again any time soon. Plus, now I'm hungry for dinner and lack the motivation to go out and get some food.


Momma Val said...

Oh yuck! I have not given blood in years but also used to give regularly. It seems that one year I had travelled out of the country too recently, then I had had pneumonia the next year, then I had surgery, then I was pregnant, then breastfeeding, now pregnant again. Needless to say, I have not been to give in awhile and probably will not go after the baby is born for another year or two depending on how long I breastfeed. It was never bad when I went though. I have had some horrible wicked mishaps with IV's that make me want to hit a nurse anytime they come near me with one. Hope you are feeling better soon and maybe you could try giving to a different blood bank? Sometimes that can make a difference :)

Smellyann said...

You know I'm with you on the blood donation BS! And all those phone calls! What a ridiculous waste of resources, IMO. They call me constantly to donate, then before my appt they call to thank me, then call the day of & day before to remind me, then call me at least twice AFTER the donation to thank me... it's ridiculous and then the cycle starts right over again! I'm glad you did/do it, though. Yay you! :D