Friday, February 16, 2007

Another Snow Day

As I mentioned here, I have decided not to go to work today. I can't face another driving experience like the one I had on Wednesday.

It's hard not to think about trading in my trusty Ion for something with four wheel drive (like a Subaru!). I hate being so at the mercy of the weather.

This is also not how I envisioned using my vacation days: stuck in a freezing cold house. At least it's warm at work.

I'd been hoping to talk to my boss about possibly applying for the job, so I could work on that this weekend. I couldn't corner her yesterday because of how busy she was trying to take care of two days worth of work after the weather fiasco on Wednesday. She isn't making the drive into the office today either since she has an even longer commute than I do. So now, do I apply for the job over the weekend and talk to her on Monday after the fact? Or do I wait and hope that the job continues to be listed (it's an open until filled listing) and talk to her first?


Unknown said...

I say work on your cover letter (or whatever) this weekend so you are ready to apply for it Monday after you can talk to your boss.

Enjoy your day off! Huddle under the blanket on the couch!

Nicole said...

I like LS's idea above. Have it ready, then hand it in after you speak with her. Now get thee under some fleece and wool, woman!

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Did I mention how I hated driving in bad weather. I hate driving in bad weather. Let's invade Florida and take it over.