Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Well that was not fun

This was me: blah, blah, Nor'easter, blah, blah. We're pretty used to snow in these parts; what's the big deal?

This was reality biting me in the ass: Big, freakin' deal.

So I get up and get on the road on time, no big deal. I steadily and safely crawl towards the city at 30-40 mph, no big deal. I am running only about 15 minutes late by the time I approach my office. No big deal. And then traffic comes to a halt on the hill up towards where I work. Now, I'm in trouble. I knew this at the bottom; I'd already been chanting "don't stop, don't stop" over and over (out loud and not quietly). Alas, they stopped. And there was no going forward at that point for me. Try as I might I just couldn't do it. It took about 20 minutes and a very nice man in full-body Carheart to get me turned around and headed back down the hill.

I try back-tracking and heading through a local neighborhood. But as I approach that left hand turn, I see two buses and several cars stopped in both directions. Next, I try the road our local German restaurant sits on. I didn't have high hopes since it is not a main thoroughfare. I made it all the way to the end when some bleepity, bleep, bleep actually stopped at the freakin' stop sign. Um, hello?! WTF?

So I reverse it yet again and head back the way I came. By this time, I'm shaking, sweating, and occasionally crying. I'd made it to within half a mile of my damn job and couldn't get the rest of the way there. I finally give up and head back into the city to look for a flattish on-ramp to get back on the highway and go home.

You're wondering why I even tried to go to work in the first place, aren't you? Because I had a French exam in class tonight and Hometown University NEVER cancels classes. EVER.

Anyway, back to me and my lovely morning. After running three stoplights and countless stopsigns, I finally make it home and bam! I got stuck trying to pull back in the driveway (yes, another slight hill). I called my fiance and started shoveling. It took him about 10 minutes just to get my fool car out of the road and more or less in the driveway.

So two hours after I left home, I was back inside, covered in sweat and snow and with muscles aching from the stress and tension. But all in one piece. I saw many cars in much worse predicaments.

I was picturing my fiance having to drive me back into the city tonight for my exam, but not that long ago came the surprising announcement that HU had actually cancelled all afternoon and evening classes. Phew. Of course, now I have to worrying about this exam all weekend until Monday night. Just can't win.

I hope everyone is safe and warm. Please stay home if you can!


Unknown said...

Man oh man. THIS is why I hate driving in the snow. You are far braver than I. I would have been hysterical! I'm at home and don't plan on leaving.

Glad you made it home safely and that you don't have class tonight.

Let's all have a cup of hot chocolate now!

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

I had days like that too, when I lived in snowstorm city! I'm SO SO GLAD I don't have to do that any more--and sorry you do! WAHN!


Hope you can have a hot cup of teach and a second shower and bundle up with a good book now.

Hope Berrybird made it where she had to go.

Nicole said...

Yesterday, I didn't believe the forecast either. 12 inches of snow predicted, and I didn't believe a word of it. Plus, like your HU, my university has never closed in the 10 years I have lived here. But miracles do happen, and apparently 14 inches of snow in 12 hours is the trigger to close the school. They predict a closing tomorrow as well. I am supposed to drive up to Oswego tomorrow, and somehow, I don't think that's going to happen. I hear that Oswego isn't even on the map anymore because they are so buried. So stupid me, I left all my books at school with the belief that I would make it in today. And now, I can't even study, because I don't have my books. Wah.

BerryBird said...

Today was the worst day of driving I've ever had. Maybe I'm just getting old. We had that bad storm when I lived at 746 where we got something like 4 feet of snow in two days--I think you were in Florida then. Anyway, it was an emergency snow route and I had to get my car off the street. Despite the state of emergency, I drove all over everywhere, went shopping at Wegmans, all that jazz. It seemed like nothing compared to today. So yeah, either the Metro was a lucky charm in the snow, or I'm getting old. I'm finally home unharmed, glad you can say the same.

And Nicole, I'd definitely stay away from Oswego if I were you. Taking a bus isn't even safe in this madness. A city bus had an accident today about a mile from my house, and that's here, not there.

Unknown said...

I have to blog my day later...Right now I'm trying to warm up...snow...gah.