Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Bullets of Boredom at Work

  • I finished The Secret Garden, but I should've waited to read it until spring was actually here. Like in July. My poor snow-covered daffodils.
  • Now I am reading Happiness Sold Separately, by Lolly Winston. Naturally, it is about a married couple that are having problems and considering divorce.
  • The book I read before The Secret Garden was also about a woman who had (temporarily, as it turned out) left her husband. I think it might be time to read some mysteries. They are rarely emotionally taxing. Or relevant to my life.
  • I have yet to acquire an estimate for the work that needs to be done on the exterior of my house (replacing trim and siding). FF has promised to make some phone calls on my behalf this afternoon.
  • The only thing holding up my mortgage at this point is that estimate.
  • I am really, really sick of having a dumpster in my driveway. And I'm sure the neighbors aren't all that thrilled either. But we were holding onto the dumpster for use with the construction.
  • When I'm bored I tend to eat for lack of anything else to do. Unfortunately, I have no cash on me and therefore cannot raid the vending machine. That leaves me with one granola bar until 5pm. I may have to resort to adding a few drops of water to a hot cocoa packet and eating the resulting paste with a spoon.
  • If I get really desperate I could eat one of those nasty Peeps a co-worker brought in. I keep poking them, but could I actually eat one? Ick.
  • I found and contacted yet another old friend via My Space. I can't seem to recall having hung out with him since we went to a PHISH show in Buffalo in October of 1996. Can it really have been that long? If so, it's been nearly that long since we've even talked or emailed.
  • Was that the last PHISH show I went to? Apparently I can't remember. Either way, it was a good one and we had kick ass seats.


Nicole said...

Husband and I were both at that Phish show in Buffalo that year. Good times.

Unknown said...

I hate when I have no cash for the vending machine. I keep a bag of change in my drawer for emergencies like yours. :)

BerryBird said...

Peeps and cocoa powder: you are desperate indeed!

a/k/a Nadine said...

You'll be happy to know I avoided both the peeps and the hot cocoa paste. Another co-worker bestowed some chocolate kisses upon me when I revealed my desperation.

Emergency coinage lasts as long as chocolate does around me.

Phantom Scribbler said...

I was at that first Phish concert you went to in Worcester. Ah, my wild youth!

swissmiss said...

Do you know the Donna Leon crime books? They're set in Venice - might be just the thing for you, mystery and travel writing in one!

Casey said...

I may have to resort to adding a few drops of water to a hot cocoa packet and eating the resulting paste with a spoon.

I think this may be the most brilliant idea ever.

a/k/a Nadine said...

Swissmiss, I added one of her books to my wishlist. Thanks for the recommendation!

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Hmm, I remember some Phish concerts, drumming and parking lot scenes.

I am sorry for your boresome.

I sometimes wish I had a little time to be a little bit bored, but not that often, LOL!