Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Book Quiz

You're Brave New World!

by Aldous Huxley

With an uncanny ability for predicting the future, you are a true
psychic. You can see how the world will change and illuminate the fears of future
generations. In the world to come, you see the influence of the media, genetic
science, drugs, and class warfare. And while all this might make you happy, you
claim the right to be unhappy. While pregnancy might seem painful, test tube
babies scare you most. You are obsessed with the word "pneumatic".

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As seen at No Polar Coordinates.

I'm going to have to start using the word "pneumatic." What does it mean, anyway?

1 comment:

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

LOL! How strange and funny is THAT! Weird! Does it feel at all like a fit?

the word verification has my old initials at the beginning and end and the letter bs in the middle. Hmm.

Whatever book you "are," I hope you're happy being you! :-D