Monday, August 20, 2007

No Cake For You

I had two birthday parties yesterday. For those of you who don't know, I freelance as a naturalist at Second Home Nature Center, leading nature-themed birthday parties. I usually limit myself to one per weekend. Yesterday I agreed to do the second because it sounded like I was needed and because I'm feeling the need to possibly take advantage of all opportunities to make a little extra money.

The parties are an irregular income at best. For much of the year I am often not needed, as there are interns on staff to cover the workload. But when there aren't interns available they will call me.

The two parties yesterday were "pond dipping." That means that we hiked out to a pond and used small nets to look for tiny creatures. The kids usually get the most excited over frogs, but I try to show them that the smaller animals and insects are just as interesting. Yesterday we caught crayfish, tadpoles, dragonfly larvae, water boatmen, and tons of fingernail clams. And of course, the obligatory frog.

(I just realized as I was typing this that I completely forgot to put away the pond-dipping supplies. I'd left them outside to dry in the sun. Crap. I'm so stressed that I'm not even thinking straight.)

But at least both parties were a success and everyone seemed pleased. Except the one mom that was insulted when I suggested I thought the frog was actually a bullfrog, not a leopard frog. Aside from her, all went well.

Still no cake though. Can't anyone spare a piece of cake for the nice naturalist?


Unknown said...

Sad. Someone brought in gluten free cake today. It was yummy but I only got a little sliver before the rest of the grubby little hands in my office devoured it.

One of my coworkers has a son with celiac disease, so no gluten for him!

I guess you DO need some cupcakes! I'll work on those. :)

Coffeypot said...

I'm glad you explained. When you said you were a naturalist and had two parties, I though you were a true naturalist and did the parties nude. Sorry.

BerryBird said...

Cake? Meh. You can always have my share.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

I used to do parties and they almost always gave me cake. Don't you look pathetic enough? My problem was having the will power to turn it down because it made me sick!

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Leaf Lady gave us a cake when we were there over the weekend and neither Piano Boy nor I is/am eating it, so poor biking Buddy has been gorging himself on cake--I'd send you some but it'd prolly be yukky by the time it got there.

She also gave us butter and batteries and a ton of other stuff.

a/k/a Nadine said...

I'm pretty sure I always look pathetic enough. Mom #2 offered me pizza, which I accepted. Maybe I should've said that I'd rather have cake.

All this talk of cake, I may have to make my own.