Monday, August 27, 2007

Well, my weekend sucked. How was yours?

Saturday was maddeningly hot. And the humidity was gross, just gross. I spent all day laying on the couch sweating and feeling sorry for myself.

Sunday dawned cooler and delightfully grey. But naturally, I had to work. All day.

By the time I left work, I was feeling irritable and all I wanted to do was relax with my family over dinner.

But that was not to be. They were feeling argumentative. And then as the evening drew to a close, I was forced to take another trunk load of my old crap. It is mine, and I understand it should be my responsibility to deal with it. But the timing frickin' sucks. I have no room for anything, what with the inactive construction project. Plus, it was going on 9:30 at night, I'd worked all day, and I had to work in the morning. I wasn't anxious to have to spend time unloading my car and finding space to stack more boxes.

And my parents wonder why we don't visit more often? Whatev.


Unknown said...

Sorry for the crummy weekend. Maybe the week will be better! I'm ready for the muggy weather to go away too...

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

I'm sorry about your bad weekend--hope things improve--

and I am sorry to say I had a great day yesterday--trip to Greenfield village and dinner out at Dylan's--which was great.

I wish you happiness and success in dealing with everything!

I'm leaving shortly and will NOT have time to get caught up everywhere!