Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Another Fabulous Spring Day

The temperatures were in the mid-60s yesterday. It was mostly sunny and the darn snow was melting. I went for a half hour walk during lunch. I wasn't able to focus all my attention on the spring-like conditions because I was talking on the phone, but I got hot enough that I had to take off my fleece. And I didn't need gloves when I took the dogs out at midnight. How delightful!

What is not delightful is the sea of mud that is my driveway. Well, mud and dog poop. Yick. I desperately need to get a load of stone delivered, but the dumpster is still occupying much of the driveway. Of course, with the current shape of the mudway, there's no possible way they could pick up the dumpster if I were to request its removal.

I got estimate number one on finishing the mid-basement level. Ouch. Much higher than I expected. Estimate number two is supposed to be delivered tonight. I also need to get an estimate on replacing the exterior trim and missing siding. And that has to be a priority above the second bath and family room. I'm afraid I will need to have both done for the mortgage though. I foresee lots of hoops to be jumped through in the near future. Sigh.

But wait, let's go back to thinking about the mild temperatures...


Nicole said...

Had a good laugh about the mud and the dog poop. We have exactly the same problem and it's becoming dangerous just to walk around anywhere near our home. Just a sea of poop landmines ready to be smeared across our rug. Eww.

BerryBird said...

OK, ladies. It's almost time to head out with the wheelbarrows and shovels. Still a little wet yet, though. We have a small lake in our backyard, all the neighbors have it in the same place.