Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Grammy's Snowdrops

The only thing flowering in my yard so far are a few small and mutant periwinkles, but Grammy's snowdrops are blooming in clusters in the shade by her garage door. I am tempted to dig up a cluster to bring to my new house. I know she would want me to have them to enjoy spring after spring. Once her house is sold, I will miss the peony's, clematis, columbines, and most of all the beautiful rhododendron. I can't transplant them all, but surely a small bit of snowdrops could make themselves at home somewhere in my new yard.
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Nicole said...

I would definitely try to transplant as many as you can. It has worked for us in the past.

BerryBird said...

I am tempted to swipe my neighbor's snowdrops. They are up at the very back of the property line, behind the playhouse that their kids have outgrown, and in the corner that butts up against our back property line. They don't go back there for any reason, not even to mow, as it's right along the edge of the woods. I could get away with it if I timed it right, as they just sold the house, and I could do it some night after they move out before the new folks arrive. I'm sure they don't know about the snowdrops.

Yes, I am evil, but I am also a chicken, so I prolly won't do it.