Thursday, March 15, 2007

Spring at the New House

The contractor came over last night with estimate #2. It is still higher than I'd hoped for, but I want to go with it. I feel like this contractor would do a good job and be reliable, two things that I can't depend on from the other contractor. This guy also knows the guy I am hoping will give me an estimate on the exterior work and highly recommends him.

It snowed several inches of wet slushiness this morning. And then the sun came out (or so I am told, as I have no windows in my office). I'm sure this has done nothing to improve the conditions of the driveway/yard. It's a real slopfest. I was hoping to get the stone arranged for today, but clearly that was way too optimistic of me.

I did see my first robin yesterday evening hopping around in my backyard. I love robins, and I love spring. I never take good weather for granted in the springtime. Every spring I think about rereading The Secret Garden, but I'm really going to try to actually do it this year.

I'm itching to get out into my yard and start cleaning up the fallen sticks and branches, but it is too soon. I'd need waders or Wellies. Maybe next weekend?


BerryBird said...

Ooo, rereading The Secret Garden sounds fun. I've been on a mini-kick of children's literature lately, two out of the last three books I've read. I am also very eager to head out with the rake and wheelbarrow and clean up the yard. We have a ton of sticks around.

Nicole said...

We had a brief few days of warm and now we are back to a foot of snow. It was like a teaser or Spring preview.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

I love children's lit and I love the Secret Garen and spring is a great time for it. Too bad I am so stupidly busy right now. Hope you have time.

It's snowing like mad here.

I've been off line most of the time for several days (and busy with projects when I was on-line, so I see I have some catching up to do--but not yet, sorry to say!

I will though.