Thursday, May 03, 2007

Again with the mowing?

For those of you waiting with bated breath to hear whether I got the lawn mowed last night, let me put your minds at ease. I mowed the two sides of the lawn that are bordered by roads (corner lot), therefore the yard looks fairly decent. I haven't gotten to the back yet though.

I don't understand gasoline-powered mowers. They are so difficult to start and tremendously loud. I expect I have permanent hearing loss from last night.

My ideal mower would be a battery powered one: quiet, light, and as easy to operate as an electric mower but without the cord. Do they make those? And if not, could someone please get on that?

My other concern from last night is the fact that I mowed over some poison ivy. I keep waiting to go into anaphylactic shock or something from inhaling the pulverized plant bits that the mulching mower put forth into the air.

After mowing I had a mini fire in my new firebowl. The directions said to have several small fires initially to season the ceramic bowl. I gotta get past that stage 'cause I got a heap o' crap to burn. Fire!

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Nicole said...

Oh man, I want a fire bowl too! That sounds so cozy! Glad you were able to mow the lawn finally.