Thursday, May 10, 2007

Is it only Thursday?

  • I am not complaining about the warm weather, but it was not the best sleeping conditions last night. I have yet to raise all my storm windows, so there wasn't much air movement and it got rather stuffy inside. (Note to self: raise storm windows)

  • I have been drinking coffee again. I go on the occasional kick, but it rarely lasts. I started again because of the getting-to-work-earlier part of the new job. Next week we move to summer hours, so I may have to push my arrival time back another fifteen minutes or half an hour. We'll see.

  • The speedboat-esque whine my car was producing turned out to be a bad wheel bearing. All fixed now. Hope that tax return arrives soon. Looks like I might not be getting new tires with that money after all.

  • I put out two bags of yard waste and two barrels of sticks this week for pick-up. And they took it all. Yay! I definitely put a dent in the already existing pile of sticks. When that's gone, I can start doing some new trimming/cutting.

  • I have a new obsession: the souffles from Panera. I'd never been there early enough to try them until last week, and now I've had one three times. My mom makes a delightful cheese souffle for special occasions (think Easter brunch) which has always been a favorite of mine. These souffles have the added bonus of having a croissant crust. Hello, decadent.

  • I love the smell of rain on dry pavement right at the beginning of a storm.


Nicole said...

We're getting our rainstorm right now and I am so grateful for the rain in my garden. I really think you should never have to hand water if you live in the Northeast.

I am back on my coffee kick too, never mind all the acid reflux I have to deal with as a result of revisiting coffee. Oh, but it so helps me to wake up in the morning.

BerryBird said...

We had to bring a fan up from the basement to sleep last night, and we had all the windows open. Well, they've been open for weeks now, but that's besides the point. Hot is hot.

And croissant crust is always good. I might have to try me one of those. But they only have them early in the am? How inconvenient. Are you going before work?

a/k/a Nadine said...

I put a fan in the bedroom window last night. I was able to snuggle under my goose down comforter with the cool air blowing in. Much better!

No Pantera before work. It's hard enough getting to work on time as it is. I was up and about awfully early this past Saturday and then I took advantage of the proximity when I took my car into the garage.