Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Low Bridge

For yesterday's walk, FF and I took Small Dog to one of the canal parks in the area. It was a gorgeous day, sunny and windy enough to keep the bugs at bay.

We parked at the aqueduct and walked east for about a mile before turning back. I hadn't walked this stretch before and was surprised to see how grown up the space between the trail and the canal was.

In some spots you could barely tell you were walking next to a historical landmark.

We spotted so many painted turtles we lost count and two huge snapping turtles in the murky shallows.

The trail was getting a lot of use from bikers, walkers, and fishermen. I wish the part of the canal near me would be developed for use as a park. I would certainly visit it regularly if it was as nice as this one.

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BerryBird said...

The canal is definitely an area I under utilize. In fact, I can only remember going to the butterfly garden trailhead in recent years. It would be a good place for me to bike what with being such a wimp about cars and all.