Saturday, May 05, 2007

It's a nice neighborhood, I promise.

My next-door neighbor came and introduced herself last night. She seems very nice with two very strange (but nice) teenage children. I told them about the dumpster divers and how just yesterday someone stole a ceramic cat dish from my driveway. She volunteered to keep an eye on my house during the day since she doesn't work.

She indicated that any mischief was probably done by some of the high school boys that live nearby. There's also a younger boy who rides a special bus because of his "anger issues," whatever that means. I hope he's not dangerous. Suddenly my last neighborhood of retirees seems more appealing.

I do feel better knowing I've got a few people looking out for me. It disturbs me to think that I have to worry about things in my own yard, like my hammock or firebowl. Are they going to wander off too?

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