Sunday, May 06, 2007

Impending Appraisal

I finally have an appointment scheduled with an appraiser to assess the house. I had high hopes for this weekend and all that I might accomplish.

I did a lot of yard work yesterday, but it's not the kind that would be recognizable to anyone but me. Today I decided to focus on the inside, even though it's another beautiful day, so rare in these parts during springtime.

I did one coat on the tricky part between the counters and the cabinets in the kitchen. I had left it unpainted because Uncle D had promised to give me new counter tops as a gift. Since they have not materialized, I am giving up and painting. I also did the first coat on the kitchen window frame. Thankfully, it will be the last window I paint for what is hopefully a long, long time. It was also the worst in the whole house. I had hoped to get the hall closet painted and the closet door rehung, but it's remarkable how unmotivated I am. Especially considering how much rides on this.

I've been eating white chocolate-covered oreos, so obviously this whole affair is making me nervous.

Tomorrow night I will clean. No sense in doing today what can be put off until tomorrow.


Unknown said...

I think I need a refresher on your housing situation. Is there a blog post I should read?

a/k/a Nadine said...

Hmn, I looked around and me thinks not. I guess I'd better write one. Maybe tomorrow... :-)