Friday, August 31, 2007

House-Related Bullets

  • My fifth grade teacher walked by with his wife the other evening when I was outside doing yard work. It strikes me as sort of surreal that something like that can occur at all. It seems atypical of America today that I now own the home I lived in as a child.
  • I have finished the majority of the poison ivy removal from the "garden" in the front yard. I also removed said garden and have sown grass seed throughout most of it. I will put down seed in the last section tonight after I attempt to do some leveling with the rake. Little bits of PI keep poking back up, but that's to be expected.
  • My contractor has returned. In fact, apparently he was at the house twice last week and I just couldn't tell.
  • He texturized the ceiling and primed the walls. Today he is starting to lay the tile floor.
  • I felt bad because he picked up the wrong tile, and then had to return it. I had written Milano Walnut, and he picked up Milano Almond. Not the same thing.
  • He also reframed my garage door, so that if H0me Dep0t ever gets their act together, everything will be all set for the installation of the new door and opener.
  • FF just called and informed me that there are five guys at my house right now working both inside and out. And that one of them "blew the place up." Fantastic, it's not a frickin' port-a-potty, folks. Stay out of my bathroom!
  • I can't wait until this is all finished and I can revert to my hermit style. I don't like people in my space.
  • I don't even want to think about how my poor plants are faring. Hopefully, they can survive if they get trampled.
  • I like and trust the contractor doing the inside work. The outside people, I know nothing about them. I can only hope he keeps an eye on them.
  • Sigh.


Unknown said...

I can't imagine having people in my house all day while I'm gone. When are they supposed to be done?

Electronic Goose said...

Eckk, home invasion ...