Friday, February 23, 2007

Music & Memories

For lack of anything real to blog about, I've been thinking recently about songs or artists that I tend to associate with a particular person or time in my life. Some examples:

  • Bob Marley & The Tragically Hip - the summer of Seth, after my sophomore year of college
  • Pearl Jam & Soundgarden - Matt from high school. I had the biggest crush ever on him. We went to see the movie Singles together, and he was my first kiss.
  • Blink 182 & Nine Inch Nails - Anthony, a Navy boy from my time in Florida. He was the exact reason why people warned me to stay away from the Navy boys. Bad news.
  • Moxy Fruvous - Jenny, she introduced them to me. And took me to see a bunch of their shows. So much fun.
  • Barenaked Ladies, Gordon - Brian, the life guard captain I dated in Florida. I was listening to that CD obsessively during the time we dated. I was also warned away from the lifeguards, but he was a really good guy.
  • Garth Brooks - all my college pals. Imagine drinking and singing along. One of the bars we went to every week would even play one of his songs every week just for us. Good times. Bad dancers.
  • Jimmy Buffett - Amy, my best friend from high school. She owned every CD he ever released. We went to one of his concerts together where I had my picture taken with some random guy in a coconut bikini.
I haven't gotten hooked on the ipod craze yet, but sometimes I can definitely see the appeal.


Beth said...

That's why you'd love the iPod: All those memories in one tiny plastic box. It's to die for!

Nicole said...

Funny that you mentioned this stuff. I was driving along the other day and an old Madonna song came on the radio. I was instantly brought back to a moment with my very first boyfriend and a fabulous kiss I received while the song was on. Ah, memories.

Unknown said...

its strange the way listening to a song can take you back and bring back a memory from the distant past with so much clarity

BerryBird said...

I always think of my college friend B. when I listen to Tom Petty's Wildflowers. He didn't own the CD, and for a long time would put it on every time he came over. Tom Petty was well liked, but not a favorite, of my roommates, and I loved having a partner in crime in commandeering the stereo.

Coffeypot said...

I thought about buying a iPod until I found out they don't have talk radio on it. So what's the use? I think I can down (or up - which ever you are suppose to do)load Rush, but even I can only take a little of him at a time.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

I have those kinds of memories with songs--also amazing memories I've forgotten crop up with places--and smells.

Unknown said...

I like this topic. Perhaps I'll blog about it one day. My ex-boyfriend and I were really into music and still share that to an extent. His wife and my husband are not into the same music we were.

Nicole said...

Hey there Erin,
Just checking in because I miss you. Hope you are well and just too busy to post. Hugs.

a/k/a Nadine said...

In case you check back Nicole, I am OK. But I've got some stuff going on in my life that I am not ready to blog about.

I am still reading your blog though!

Thank you for the concern, it means a lot.