Sunday, November 13, 2016


I knew it was crazy when I signed up. The very idea that I could find time to post every day. Crazy. That I would have stuff to write about every day. Also crazy. Most days I reach a point when I'm lucky if I can think of my own name, let alone be creative.

So why did I sign up? I thought it would be a good distraction. Something positive to focus on. Plus, anything that keeps me away from Facebook even for a little while has to be a good thing.

But today while my son napped I wracked my brain, stared at an empty screen, and anxiously watched the clock all the while coming up with absolutely nothing to post. Wait, the last thing I need is MORE stress. I need to be able to enjoy the few minutes of downtime I have doing what I want to do (watching TV) or need to do (cleaning the house). I have no room in my life for feeling guilty and anxious about blogging or not blogging.

I was 100% ready to tap out today. Call it quits. But here I am writing one more post. Tomorrow is another day. But I will bail in a heartbeat before I let NaBloPoMo affect another nap break.

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Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Gratitude lists? New things your son did? Wish lists for the holidays--I don't mean gifts, but a different kind of wish?

I am not making much progress with NaNoWriMo, too busy. :(