Friday, November 04, 2016

Surprising Spot to Read

In my search for non-work area reading space for my lunch break, I quickly determined there are NO available and comfortable spaces in my building or the adjoining one. So I headed next door to the non-denominational chapel, which has a cash-only coffee shop in the basement, as well as a community room with upholstered chairs and loveseats. My first lunchtime visit I was able to snag a comfy chair. But yesterday when I turned the corner from the cafe to the community room, gah! People! A buffet line! A gentleman eagerly asking if I was there for the food! Yikes! I must have looked terrified, as I backed away and whispered, "I'm just looking for a quiet place to read my book." (I even held up the book as evidence.) The kindly gentleman directed me up the stairs and I happily took my leave, expecting to come upon another quiet room not in use.

But when I walked through the door I found myself somewhere I've been many times before. I've attended graduation and wedding ceremonies, as well as a memorial service, but I've never had the whole place to myself for any purpose. I took a seat in the last pew, closest to the door and cracked open my book. I felt out-of-place, like someone would arrive to shoo me out and scold me for being in there. Of course, that didn't happen and I read happily in peace.

Still the community room is more my speed.

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