Wednesday, June 06, 2007

False Starts

Last night was rather chilly, so I was moved to do a little crocheting. I usually reserve crocheting for the winter months, but I was bored with just watching TV. It'd been a long time since I'd done any crocheting though, what with all the home improvement this past winter. I started digging through my basket and discovered four unfinished projects, with four different colored yarns. At least three of them had been intended as scarves (basically the only thing I make).

Instead of taking up one of those, I started yet another project in yet another color. I wanted to do something small that I might have a better chance of finishing. So I settled on a dishrag. But I only did five rows before I lost interest.

Tonight is another chilly night, potentially record-breaking even. Another good night for crocheting.

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BerryBird said...

You finished several blankets in various points in the past though, haven't you? I haven't touched my knitting project in forever. I can't remember how to start a new square. Doh.