Monday, June 04, 2007

Window Shopping

It doesn't look good for meeting my two walks per weekend goal. Mowing killed my Saturday by incapacitating me with a headache. Sunday found me hiking early in the morning before the worst of the heat. The bugs tried their best to eat me alive. Next time I will wear a hat and more bug spray.

Unfortunately, it rained or threatened rain all day today. I watched a lot of TV, did a very small amount of picking up, and then hit Target to kill the stir crazies. I tried out every piece of lawn furniture they sell, but limited my purchases to cleaning supplies and paper products.

Then I went window shopping at a couple garden centers. I want to plant everything that flowers. My yard needs so much work though that I know I should probably wait until I come up with a plan. My tendency to plop things in the ground all willy-nilly may not be the best solution to an already challenging situation. Plus, whatever I plant may run the risk of getting damaged by Contractor #2 when he's working on the trim and siding.

One of the things I almost bought today was a huge cluster of Sedum autumn joy. It looked so lush and I like the idea of planning for some color for the fall as well. Maybe I'll go back. One new plant can't hurt, right?

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BerryBird said...

Ah, yes, we have some of that. Or some variety of fall-blooming Sedum anyway. I think ours is a little pinker.