Friday, June 15, 2007

I should have taken a picture of the stairs.

As it turns out, I'd better hold off on the mountain climbing for now. Apparently, I am extremely out of shape. I paid a visit to a state park named after a president today where the trails all start at the bottom and you must climb up. The fact that I did not pass out is most noteworthy.

It was a lovely day with very few bugs. I enjoyed myself immensely. And after almost three hours of hiking, I am so exhausted that I really must end this post now.
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BerryBird said...

You could still summit a peak, you'd just have to leave very early, go very slow, get lapped by every other person there, and pay for it in pain for the next several days. Or wait... is that me?

Savvi said...

I love parks named for presidents. Especially parks named for utterly unforgettable presidents.

My favorite gorge hikes are the kind where you get friends to come with you, park their car in the lower parking area, drive to the top and hike entirely downhill. Otherwise, my ass is kicked by such trails.