Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Those napkins should come with a warning.

We had our annual appreciation party at work today. It was catered by a famous local barbeque joint and held in our conference room. The Big Cheese attended and gave a long speech. He's my boss' boss' boss; our yearly holiday parties are attended by many hundreds of people, all of whom fall under his umbrella of power.

When he arrived (I didn't know he was coming), I couldn't help but think perhaps BBQ wasn't the best food for the occasion, no matter how tasty.

When I'd just about finished eating I noticed that my hands were quite pink. A co-worker realized and pointed out to those of us sitting nearby that the red checkered paper napkins were staining our fingers.

When my boss got up for her speech, she had a large pink goatee. But at least she's got good hygiene.


BerryBird said...

I like the sides best anyway, and they have the advantage that you can stick a fork in them. Mmmm, macaroni salad, mmmm, tomoato cucumber salad, mmmm, corn. Except these publicly catered affairs always get the wretched beans. Sigh.

jo(e) said...

That's so funny!